M2 Italia, Your Home Designer.
The first Augmented Reality App to show and customize Best Designers’ Projects directly inside your Home.
– Easily calibrate and define the scale of your room.
– Choose Last Interior Designers’ proposals and ideas to be virtually placed into your Home.
– Customize your Home Design, directly inside Your Space importing a 3D live preview of the M2 Italia Furniture and Accessories Selection, Made in Italy.
– Share your ideas with Friends on Socials or ask suggestions to M2 Italia Designers’ Community.

A.R. Warriors

A.R. Warriors is the first game where you fight monstrous creatures everywhere you want in Augmented Reality.
At home, at school, in the park, you only need your smartphone to break boundaries between what is real and virtual and realize the dream of living in the videogames world.
Choose the right moves and characters to beat your opponents in epic battles that mix strategy and terrific attacks. Are you going to choose a straight offensive or to weaken your opponent first?
The choice and the duel’s outcome is up to you.

Hermes Virtual Tour

Hermes Virtual Tour lead you through ancient world and history will be integrated in live view of your device.
Hermes Virtual Tour transforms your mobile device in a window to the past.
If you press on a spot you activate animation in overlay and if you’re almost there you can point your camera and augmented reality lead you in the past and history come alive right in front your eyes.

Hermes Virtual Tour offers the ancient worlds in 3D. Lost cities in immersive, Mobile, Virtual and Interactive 3D.
The time machine is still a desire, but now, thanking to Hermes Virtual Tourâ„¢, you can surf and dive some of the most important monuments of the world as they were in the past!
Colosseum, Roman Forum, Ancient Ostia in Rome, Thermae di Caracalla, Parthenon in Athen, Lisbon, Vatican city, Pompei, Haercolaneum, Megastructure, Verona, Venice, Florence , Milan, Egypt and more every week you will find new 3D reconstructions.

Live an immersive experience in artistic heritage through the Augmented Reality and cutting-edge technologies.

The past in the present, enriched with virtual amazing reconstructions.

Gulliver Scuola

Augmented reality into the world of the school. Point your device on augmented school books and magazines and you’ll see articles, videos, simulations, you got real-time translations. You can do exercises to download additional content and interactive excercises do just by pointing a page of your book, and all in real time